1. Ring-Seal Lu-GT

Pipelines or cables are led through underground or aboveground external walls, ceilings, or in cable conduits, it has to be ensured that the penetration spots are permanently sealed. Neither pressing water nor gas may enter the penetration or the seal of the conduit.

Our -Seal penetrations and seal inserts enable a simple, fast and neat penetration of pipelines and cables through walls, ceilings, and conduits. The seal inserts are pressure-tight on two levels (20mWS/50mWS) and prevent the transmission of heat and sound.

Example of Installation


  • Sealing of pipes and cables against pressing water and gas
  • Sealing of pipes and cables against aggressive mediums (NBR-type)
  • Sealing of pipelines in drinking water facilities (KTW**-compliant)
  • For use in sound protection in accordance with DIN 4109
  • Subsequent installation possible (all seal inserts can be separated)
  • Bending of the carrier pipe possible up to 8°

Connecting elements with corrosion protection

Gap-free fork connection

Revolving AquaStop safety Groove

Non-twisting pressure elements

2. Ring-Seal Lu-GT 20mWs

Lu-GT 20Lu-GT 20 NBR
sealing elementEPDM rubbernitrile rubber
pressure platesReinforced polyamideReinforced polyamide
screwsGalvanized/stainless steelGalvanized/stainless steel
nominal pressure20 mWS (2 bar)20 mWS (2 bar)

3. Ring-Seal Lu-GT 50mWS

Lu-GT 50Lu-GT 50 NBR
Sealing elementEPDM rubberNitrile rubber
Pressure platesReinforced polyamideReinforced polyamide
ScrewsGalvanized/stainless steelGalvanized/stainless steel
Nominal pressure50 mWS (5 bar)50 mWS (5 bar)